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Team Members
Donna Berndt Donna Berndt

Donna is an office manager. She works half-time.

She comes over from the office of Metchosin family physicians Dr. Dan O'Connell and Dr. Joan Rosenberg. She brings over 25 years of experience helping organize patients and their care.

When not working, Donna travels the world over, hiking peaks in different locales.

Deb Bonderoff Deb Bonderoff

Deb is a retired office manager who kindly provides backup for Donna and Roxie whenever needed.

Deb has decades of experience, first as a nurse, then as an office manager.

Deb enjoys biking on the trails and bikepaths throughout Greater Victoria.

Roxie Fehr Roxie Fehr

Roxie is a full-time office manager.

A polymath, Roxie works hard at every task that comes her way, a true rock star.

When not at the office, Roxie keeps fit with hot yoga.

Jeanette McMillan Jeanette McMillan

Jeanette is a Masters-prepared Registered Nurse with varied experience.

Her areas of expertise include primary health in remote Yukon communities, neurological rehabilitation, medical/surgery and obstetrics. She taught in the nursing program at both University of Victoria and Camosun College.

Jeanette's personal interests include landscape painting, harmonica and fitness activities.

Brookelyn Norris-Jones Brookelyn Norris-Jones

Brookelyn is a clinical assistant. She graduated with a Health Care Assistant degree from Vancouver Island University.

When not at work, Brookelyn enjoys being active walking and hiking the trestle trails of Vancouver Island.

Dr. Robert O'Connor Dr. Robert OConnor

Dr. Robert is a family doctor.

He is trained as a biochemist, and a family physician.

He was born in a rural, agricultural town of Southwestern Ontario. He attended McMaster University for biochemistry and University College Dublin for medicine. He completed the Rural Family Medicine residency in Memorial University Newfoundland. He then worked in a remote outport of coastal Newfoundland, in an oceanside hospital, where together with 1-4 other family physicians, he shared running the 24-hour emergency room, office-based family medicine, acute inpatient service, cardiac care unit, and long term care.

Finally, he used the knowledge gleaned thus far to set up the current medical practice on the West Coast here in Metchosin.

When not at the office, Robert can sometimes be found on a bike enjoying the trails, or a kayak enjoying the coastline bays.