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Employment Opportunities

Family Physician
Sandy beach
The sandy beach in front of the medical office

There is a position for a family physician.


  • Paradise setting, located right on the Pacific Ocean beach, in a modern facility.
  • Pleasant patient population.
  • Rewarding work/life balance.
  • Experienced staff including your own dedicated medical office assistant.
  • Paperless, user-friendly EMR (Oscar).
  • No start-up or maintenance costs.
  • Rock-solid locum coverage support.
  • A complete practice of approximately 1400 patients ready to go, so time needed to build a practice from scratch. All patients are well-managed, and charts are clearly organized.
  • Attractive compensation package. Can be either an attractive fee-for-service split of 71/29 or salary if preferred. There is a new 4 percent topup for billing for private practices in Victoria, which brings the fee-for-service split closer to 75/25.

Complete details on why this family practice opportunity is one to strongly consider:

Physician wellness and practice flexibility/autonomy:

  • Work/life balance.
  • Time for comprehensive appointments helps improve outcome, which also increases job satisfaction and keeps stress low.
  • Freedom to innovate one's own efficiencies and improvements.
  • Freedom to have a selection of patients that are a good fit for compatible personalities, medical outlooks.


  • Most importantly, time to spend with family, since there is an excellent work/life balance.
  • Good employment opportunities in the immediate area for spouse/partner, including professional occupations. Universities, schools, corporations, government, healthcare...the whole spectrum!
  • Good preschool, elementary schools (both public and private including Montessori).
  • Good high schools: brand new state of the art facility opened 5 minutes away.
  • Ample selection of higher education in Victoria.
  • Good area to raise children.
  • Low crime rate.


  • Refreshed, optimistic.
  • Stable team.
  • Experienced, efficient, pleasant office managers.
  • Friendly, experienced, helpful fellow physician.


  • Environment Canada describes as the most favourable in Canada, being the bottom of the so-called 'misery index' of total yearly number of snow days, cloud, sleet, etc.
  • Mediterranean climate.
  • Snow is pretty much self-serve only: go up a mountain mid-island if want snow for skiing, etc.
Clinic room A (east view)
Clinic room 'A' has windows with privacy frosting, while still allowing some of the sunny sky at the top of the windows to shine into the room


  • Oceanfront vistas.
  • The office is fresh, well designed, with high end finishes.
  • Relaxing, low stress setting.
  • Serene and quiet.
  • Modern, turn-key state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Lots of windows everywhere, for ample sunlight.
  • Rooms are spacious, double or triple the usual size. Bring in not just the patient, but their whole family with ease.
  • Full accessible for everyone including people with wheelchairs or scooters.
Office: Electronic medical record (EMR):
  • Full electronic charting of notes of encounters. OSCAR EMR, which is the most popular choice among family physicians in BC.
  • Prescriptions management for fast renewal, automatically charted, drug allergy checking.
  • Chronic disease management.
  • Fast and responsive, with no lag.
  • Templates to eliminate duplicating recurrent types of chart entries.
  • ToDo reminder and recall task management system for the office managers for patient followup tasks.
  • Consult letter background info auto-generated from patient profile past history, family history, etc.
  • Forms are automated and electronic: auto-filled with patient name, sex, address, etc. Click some checkboxes, enter some text and done! Copy of the form gets automatically saved into chart and other one out the door.
  • Labs arrive electronically. Chart a graph of eGFR and make plans as a team with the patient.
  • PACS online if one wishes to look at imaging films online.
  • All billing is electronic, and taken care of by the office managers.
  • Ability to do population-based medicine.
  • Log into hospital electronic records if want to review what is happening or happened to a patient while in hospital.
  • Patients' old historic paper charts are digitized into organized PDFs: imaging, labs, consults, etc.
  • Choice of using Mac, Windows, or Linux, whichever you prefer best.
  • Secure messaging.
Lemon tree bough
A freshly-watered bough of a Meyer lemon tree at the medical office

Patient population:

  • People in practice are happy, since people want to be here. They aren't waiting to go somewhere better.
  • Vancouver Island is an island, there is a realization we are all in it together.
  • Interesting, smart patients. Involved as partners in their own wellness.
  • Patients are physically close, and are able to come to their booked appointments.
  • Closed practice, so can work with patients who are on same the page as the physician.
  • No downtime needed to build a practice. There is a turnkey full patient practice that is already well-managed. If new to independent practice or the province, can work through the established managed patients while becoming familiar with the local services.
  • Patients are respectful of your professional time.

Financial: Physician income:

  • A generous compensation package: full yearly accounting reports from existing docs are available for review.
  • Choice of either fee-for-service or salary. There is a new 4 percent topup for billing for full-service private practices in Victoria, which brings the fee-for-service 71/29 split closer to 75/25, and a salary also increases accordingly.
  • Low overhead costs.
  • No start-up costs, no maintenance cost, no capital costs. Just start seeing folks!

Financial: Housing:

  • Housing's long-term price is supported, allowing appreciation of one's largest investment in life. No Detroit-style meltdown here.
  • Communities such as Metchosin allow secondary suites, allowing for helping pay down mortgage faster.
  • Wide range of housing available across the style and price range: condo, townhouse, detached house, acreage.
Mount Baker
The lofty peaks of Mount Baker as seen from the medical office

Financial: Other considerations:

  • Low corporate tax and low personal income tax rates in BC.
  • International airport 37 minutes away, so don't have to spend a day of vacation each way just to get to airport.
  • Since already in a vacation-like paradise setting, no need to own/maintain a second cabin/cottage.
  • No HST in BC, means tax break on a lot of big ticket items like renovating a house (only 5% GST, not 12% HST).
  • Low heating and cooling costs since summers aren't overly hot, and winters aren't cold.
  • BC has a resilient economy with good mix of both natural resources and services. Since need a healthy province to compensate healthcare, one needs a long term outlook that isn't dependent on at-risk industries like manufacturing.
  • Not really salt on the roads means your car doesn't need regular replacing. Drive it like you are in Cuba!
  • Car insurance in BC is government-run only (called ICBC) having low rates.
  • Food is cheap since one can grow it locally nearly year round.
  • Goods are cheap since a coastal port, so no extra long shipping charges.
  • Missed workdays from snowdays are pretty-much non-existent.
  • Energy prices are reasonable.
  • No multi-hour commuting that is inefficient and costly in opportunity costs.
  • Metchosin as a municipality, has no deficit, no debt, and even has millions in reserve funds. This translates into very low property taxes, while still providing excellent service.


  • 37 minutes to international airport for easy visits.
  • Since climate pleasant is year-round, one can spend more time enjoying things outside.
  • Lots of outdoor activities: bike trails, kayak, boat, hike, garden, swim, surf, sail, golf. Cross-train-o-rama!
  • There are still the urban amenities of a city available too: downtown Victoria for concerts, festivals, galleries, etc.
  • Can see the USA shore from Victoria, so an easy ferry ride hop to USA for another change.
  • There is a ferry to Vancouver, but there are also harbour planes and helicopter direct from downtown Victoria harbour to Vancouver harbour in 40 minutes, if there is something one wishes to do in Vancouver.
  • One can already be in a retirement destination, instead of uprooting and moving to Victoria to retire down the road.
Eagle hunting
An eagle hunting in the oceanfront in front of the medical office

Locum coverage:

  • Two local experienced physicians on standby in the community are ready to cover for locum relief when needed.

Medical supports:

  • All specialist services are nearby for patients (5-30 minutes), with good accessibility.
  • Specialists are consistent. They don't constantly turn over with large coverage gaps. Once they are here working, they are as a group happy here, not in transition to somewhere else.
  • Major hospitals nearby for acute care if patients need to go there: one hospital 14 minutes away and another hospital 27 minutes away.
  • Multiple walk-in clinics within minutes helps prevent patient overflow.
  • Emergency room 14 minutes away.