Me'Chosen Medical Vignette
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Map / Directions
The office is located on the beach of the Pacific Ocean, in Metchosin, which is part of Greater Victoria, British Columbia. Arrive by driving, walking, bicycling, bus or boating in for your appointment.

There are also directions available from Google.
Driving   Driving instructions are fairly straightforward:
  1. Get onto Metchosin Road.
  2. Turn south onto Farhill Road.
  3. Farhill goes in about 20 feet, then hits a T-junction. Turn right at the T-junction.
  4. Follow the winding paved road along, as it winds along a sharp left hairpin, a gradual left curve, then a sharp right curve. (The name of the road keeps changing as you drive along, from Farhill, to Park, to Delgada).
  5. The driveway to the medical office is on your left, with a `246 Delgada Road` on the tree.
  6. Parking is at the top of the hill.
Directions map
Walking / Biking   Directions are similar to driving.
However, if you are coming in from the West, you may wish to reduce exposure to Metchosin Road, by using the little pedestrian bridge that connects Farhill Road to Duke Road (it is a trestle over Latoria Creek).
Bus   There is a regular bus service. The bus stop is located at the intersection of Farhill Road and Metchosin Road. The bus is Route 61. See BC Transit for details.