Me'Chosen Medical Vignette
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Guiding Principles
Navel oranges
Boughs of ripening navel oranges in the greenhouse located between the parking lot and the office waiting room
These are the principles of the medical office, as well as how they are being implemented.

Free healthcare for everyone

  • The focus is on free, Medicare healthcare for everyone.
  • Everyone is treated alike. There are no 'executive health' buy-ins. Everyone deserves the same gold-plated healthcare.


  • Help keep people healthier in the first place, so they need less physician visits down the road for chronic disease.
  • The number of patients in the practice is kept at the recommended amount, so that if a medical issue arises, there is better availability.
  • The practice is appointment only, helping to minimize wait-time at the office.
  • Through the doctor working regularly, and not exceeding the recommended patient list, try to keep appointments available within one working day, which is the gold standard.
Streams of sailboats in the bay in front of the medical office

Helping seniors to age in place

  • Place the medical office in the community, so a short, easy drive.
  • Housecall service for the frail eldery.
  • Longitudinal, preventative care to help minimize injury or hospital admissions.

Lower costs for patients by lowering wasteful expenses

  • Energy efficiency (see 'Environmentally friendly' section below).
  • Use electronic records so that cheaper to provide patient copies. Also, not having the expense of maintaining a warehouse of paper charts for decades.
  • Use furnishings from recycled/upcycled items where possible.
  • Employing local expert craftspeople, as well-built items don't need frequent repair/replacement.
  • Run the practice in part of a home, instead of maintaining separate buildings that are empty half of the day.
  • Providing service closer to home, to minimize patients' driving expenses and lost time from work.
Yellow pineapple
A large yellow pineapple growing in the solarium outside the clinic rooms

Being environmentally friendly

  • Electronic charts instead of paper.
  • Reducing heating carbon footprint by: using sea as moderating effect to minimize temperature extremes, passive solar heating, high-efficiency heat.
  • Use daylight for primary lighting. Use LED lighting supplementation.